Capel Engedi was a once vibrant community hub in Caernarfon that has fallen into decline. The project Engedi 2.0 will re-establish it as a source of inspiration, wellbeing and community for a new generation. A regenerative hub that will help contextualise a local identity that has resiliently survived the ages, passed through the fires of industrialisation, and now find itself looking at a globalised world full of fear for it's own survival.

The project is a bold defiance to the pessimism and doom at our global situation and proclaims the torch of Welsh spirit is alive and bright, and ready to do the work necessary to lead Britain and become the happiest, greenest and most creative society in the UK

Engedi 2.0 HQ

We begin by creating a community Garden. Immediately after this we will carry out major works to turn the Chapel into a vibrant community centre for learning, sharing, healing as well as making, hacking and creating. World renown mentors will work with local pioneers who will be fully supported to take on the huge challenging of building the worlds first truly sustainable human environment.

Time for Wales to take the stage

Welsh culture is one that has survived for thousands of years. The most popular song is titled, 'We're still here' and is a powerful message of resilience. When younger sibling England seeded a global industrial system that still dominates our world today, it forgot to tell the world much of this magical land on it's Western edge. The industrial age left bitter scars and poverty, for Wales is really the first colony in a global system of exploitation that bought us to the edge of biosphere-collapse.

One Planet Wales

Through community and strength of spirit the Welsh live on. In recent years, the Welsh Government has developed leading environmental policies, setting the stage for a potential bold innovative shift. As the Industrial paradigm of natural exploitation threatens to destroy itself, the Red Dragon is rising and Wales has the potential to become the Green Silicon Valley of Sustainable Technology Innovation.

A church to Life, Health, Wellbeing, Art, Creativity, Ecology, Knowledge, Community.

The Chapels were a huge movement in Wales, a response colonial exploitation and centre of community life for over a century. Engedi is named after a place in modern day Israel and in this it's not unusual. There are many villages in Wales named after places in the bible. In those days people decided to contextualise religion in their own lives and bring the holyland home. Today Christianity has lost it's relevance for most people, and many Chapels have fallen into ruin or been destroyed. At Engedi 2.0 we hope not to loose the baby with the bath water and are developing a new vision for a sustainable 'holyland' here in Wales.

Positive, Responsible Activism

Many people do not wish to see their world and futures destroyed. As activists many are ready to take great personal risks to block the development of destructive industries. Engedi 2.0 is calling on the same spirit and energy from those willing to fight to save our planet. Rather than try to disrupt the industrial processes that power the brown economy, we want to fight to build an alternative green one and to convince local people they will be much better off joining a high-tech environmental movement than support the current system.

High technology and Community Knowledge sharing

Finally, we have great internet nowadays in Wales. Your neighbour might just be a world class software developer and with a little community spirit, we might inspire and foster a few more. We know technology skills are essential to creating economic prosperity locally and also for building a sustainable green economy. Engedi 2.0 will be a hub and catalyst for knowledge sharing. We will create spaces, programmes and incentives for high level community education and technology innovation

Decentralisation, Blockchain and Online Community Participation

In places like California, the techies are declaring that blockchain will be a bigger revolution than the internet, and yet few local people here have heard of it. Wales however understands decentralisation, and in Caernarfon the devolved government in Cardiff can sometimes seem as far away as London.

Engedi 2.0 will utilise and raise awareness of blockchain technology and how it can impact our world and strength local community and economy. We are harnessing web platforms that ensure the community is fully engage in the project from the outset.

Anglo-Welsh Conflict resolution.

Anglo-Welsh conflict is something that is scarcely acknowledged in general. And yet, resentment and prejudice on both sides are often entrenched, there may even be a degree of normalised endemic racism that should have no place in progressive society.

Engedi 2.0 will acknowledge the extent of cultural issues, and suffering of the past with the aim to bring both sides together. We seek to foster more acceptance of English origin residents, while raising awareness of the prejudice and dismissiveness of Welsh culture.

Celebrating Welsh Culture and Language

We're going to look at the barriers to English people learning Welsh language and will build organisational systems that help Welsh learners feel inspired and accepted and effectively learning colloquial Welsh.

Let's go to the new World

  • Building a chapel for the 21st Century

    We're looking for architects, artists, psychologists, carpenters, builders and creators of all kinds who want to be involved. Help us design and refit this building for the century ahead. Let's make sure we're here to stay.

  • Welsh Language Policy

    Ar hyn o bryd rydym heb adnoddau i greu gwefan dwyieithog cyfan. Felly am y tro rydym wedi penderfynu creu'r wefan yn Saesneg ond byddwn yn ychwanegu hwn gyda gwybodaeth Gymraeg. Mae croeso i'r gyhoedd gwirfoddoli i helpu gyda'r chyfieithiad.

  • Early days

    We are only at the beginning of our adventure. Everything you see is a prototype. Expect many changes. It's work in progress and by visiting our website you are already part of it.

    We are gathering funds to make a major renovation of the chapel.

  • An open invitation to join us

    We have big dreams and with your help we'll achieve them. If you like our vision please share this site to help us find others who might want to be involved. If you'd like to get involved and help shape and develop any aspect of this project, please get in touch below.

Contact us anytime 🌎 ðŸŒ ðŸŒ

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