Our mission

‘To support a wise, healthy and resilient community through environmental awareness, education and culture.’


To create a transformative socio-economic model that is transferable, replicable and can be applied globally as foundation for a new industrial paradigm that is aligned with the green agendas of global sustainable urban and rural development, starting with the One Planet Development Policy of Wales.

To create a socially innovative framework that will be built using disruptive innovative technology, designed holistically to support any local economy around the world.

A new green economy for Caernarfon, Wales:

The new model architecture will enable creation of new jobs, promote health and wellbeing of citizens by empowering communities to autonomously co-create and enable sustainable growth of ecology, education and ancestral culture fit for a new industrial paradigm.

We are on a mission to utilise the chapel and its surrounding infrastructure as a decentralised hub and beacon that will interconnect various networks of Caernarfon, all over Wales and the U.K, accessing untapped potential of local communities to facilitate sustainable socio-economic growth making Wales and U.K the leading pioneer in environmental sustainability in the 21st century.

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