Who's Working on this

Currently we're a small team working on Engedi 2.0. The team are spending a lot of their time unpaid working to get this project off the ground. We are all currently volunteers. If you'd like to help out, please get in touch.

image of liam wearing a suit - rare

Liam Kurmos - Chief Executive

Liam spent many years studying and working in Academia in fields of Physics, Japanese and Computer science both in Europe and Asia. He has working in Medical IT and ran his own software start up. In 1996, while still an undergraduate, Liam became associate member of the Project Mind Foundation, a creativity accelerator project based in Jerusalem. Although the project ended in 2009 if was the beginning of his quest to find solutions to the global problems the world would face in the 21st Century and he drew on much of inspiration for future work and mission from this project. Liam believes in the magic of Wales and that a humble place can set a global example. He sees the current condition of Engedi Chapel as a metaphor for Welsh cultural prosperity and believes firmly in the potential for restorative transformation.

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Mirsal - Hard Tech and Developer community lead

Mirsal is a tech wizard based in Southern France with more than a decade long experience in high profile Free Software projects including VLC Media Player, GNOME and the Linux Kernel. They provide all kinds of technical support to the team. Specifically DevOps. They are passionate about the free software movement, freedom in general, decentralization, permaculture, veganism and human potential. They volunteer many hours on the project.

image of dylan

Dylan Evans - Non executive Director

Dylan brings a wealth of experience to the team. He has a PhD in Marine Science, and previously ran Anglesey Sea Zoo. Currently he hold a senior role working for a drugs and alcohol charity in North Wales